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Any news???

Thanking you all in advance for your updates! :lol:

A long ways away.... :wink:

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I heard that the first series in the Open is an excellant test. Triple with two retired. My dog failed it, hunted for the long retired in some cover at 350 yards and the bird was at 400 yards.

Se le vie. :wink:
El General said:
Come on Cajun! C'est la vie!
I'm no Cajun, just a transplanted Who Dat from New Orleans living in Cajunland! I realizes I typed it wrong, came back to correct it but, you beat me to it. :wink:
MardiGras said:
Derby results:

1 - #14 Brew of St. James' Gate - O:Thomas Roberts / H:Mark Smith
2 - #24 Fargo's Texas Lexus - O/H:Wayne Stupka
3 - #20 Davey of Sweetbriar - O/H:Bob Kennon
A chocolate dog winds the Derby and congrats to newcomer Bob Kennon on the third place! :wink:
Re: brazosport

Tom Watson said:
Am call backs after the land marks, 27 dogs:

1. 2. 3 Rocket-Man to the Moon, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 17, 18, 21, 25, 27,29,31,
33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 51.
#40 Booty Raider
I have one of my duck hunting buddies handling him for the first time ever. I told him for the double land blind to; line him up straight, hang on, don't blink and keep your whistle in your mouth! :wink:

The Open is one tough son-of-a-gun. Great bird placement on both the marks and the blinds.
Thanks for the photos and layout of the Am!
Any chance of posting a photo of the water blind
before they get too deep into it? That way I can stratergize
with someone running it via cell phone. :wink:
Oh, and wind direction would help too. :)
Thanks and
Merci Beau Coupe de Ville.
Ted Shih said:
Rorem said that the tests were straight forward and tough, everything that you would want in an Open.

So kudos to the Open Judges as well!

Charles Hayden and Dale Sweeney

That was the same report I was getting on the Open set-ups as I wrote about earlier in this thread. Their names and phone numbers have already been distributed to the three area clubs and they will be invited to judge in our area. Maybe not as a judging team but certainly as individuals.
Gerard Rozas said:
Davis Deutril won the Am
Martha Russell was 2nd
Gary Fruienburg was 3rd

Sorry all I know.
here it is;

Amateur results;

1st Booty Raider - Davis DauTreiul handling
2nd AFC Cotes Du Rhone - Martha Russell
3rd ? - Gary Friudenberg
4th YeeHaw Ridem Out - Jon Monroe (same dog that earned the Open 2nd)
Thanks y'all. :wink:

When one of my duck hunting buddies, Davis DauTrieul said he was going to run the Q about ten days ago, I said for him to go ahead and handle my dog in the Am and save me from having to drive. Plus, I had a lot on the calandar this weekend. He did a great job of handling a dog he had never run prior to this week!

Thanks Davis and feel free to run him at Chatanooga! :)
EdA said:
Ken Guthrie said:
Has someone run his dog and it wins............

Owner handler regards, :roll:
Will Booty ally himself with Fallon and oppose all restricted stakes :?:
I would most certainly not oppose restricted stakes, amen! And Gut, you are the one opposed to restricted stakes, Mr It's All About da Dogs! :wink:

Ed, PM me your daytime phone digets please.

Chuck, the Herb Fest was just around the corner from my place and it was a bunch of old hippies, artsey types and women over 60. Lots of plants for sale and strange smelling tea. :wink:
Thanks Tim, I've always liked the dog and so have his two trainers. My problem is that I don't see the long blinds that well and don't like driving more than 3 hours to a trial. He has run three Ams so far this year and finished two. He'll run for anybody and his biggest handicap has always been me! :wink:
Howard N said:
his biggest handicap has always been me!
I was gonna say that Franco, but I was much to nice. :p
Well, I know my limitations! You saw me handle him to a win at the La Gov's Cup and the dog knew more about where he was going on ther blind than I did. :)

Now if he could just get that Open win for his FC!
blabman said:
Congrats Frank. I hope T-Boy is coming along well too.

Smith says he likes everything about him. Marks very well, clean and quiet in his kennel, learns quickly and great training attitude. Let me know when you repeat this breeding!
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