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Breeding a Dog with an Allergy?

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Would you do it or is it unethical/wrong/detrimental to the breed? Would you continue to train the dog or seek another prospect?
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Would I knowingly breed a dog with allergies, no. However, the breeder has no control over what people feed and what they do with vaccinations. I raised a litter and sold the puppies. I have one from another breeding. Oddly enough, two males were sold to people in the same building in Chicago. One grew up totally fine and was neutered at about 18 months. The other was neutered at 3 months, (he looked completely different-long postly legs) was given Revolution and frontline and multiple vaccinations on his first visit. The reason I know this is I took the dog back when he was about 2 years because the owner was an ER physician and couldn't let him out because she worked 15 hour shifts, and he came with a folder 3" thick and was on 6 meds including pred and antibiotics. He was a mess-he would scratch himself until raw. He was on his 3rd vet. I put him on a holistic diet with supplements and he got much better and I got the pred down to one tab a week 10mg. At 7 days he would start scratching. I had a wealthy lady that wanted him as a companion to a dog she bought from me and was willing to find a cure for him. She also went to 3 different vets with the file. They tried to eliminate the pred and it didn't work. She finally went to a vet who felt that the puppy got too much too soon and he now lives on a fish and potato diet, weekly spas at the groomers, and his pred tablet. I'm not going to say that the owners caused the allergies, but sometimes too much too soon along with early neutering depresses the immune system, and it doesn't recover. The one that lives with me is fine, different father. I spread out my vaccines, I don't frontline if not needed and use a herbal repellant instead which I make up. I encourage puppy buyers to delay the frontline and use a herbal spray and separate the vaccines, and to start their pups on Omega fatty acids and to feed a high quality of feed. The more you depress the immune mechanism, the more prone the dogs are to develop environmental allergies. My "studies" actually started out when I was going to an allergist and asked him how I could prevent allergies in my future children. They were raised on goats milk because strange allergies showed up when they were young (my daughter developed an allergy to the wheat consumed by the goats-that even blew the allergists mind). So far so good, other than some small bumps both are in their 30's. My son regressed to milk protein allergy because of stress in his life. My allergist was very smart and he told me what to avoid, and that allergies didn't always make sense. You might be fine for most of the year but in ragweed season in August you couldn't eat say strawberries. I received allergy shots but he told me I could probably never live in the country. Well, I have been here since 1971. He also said under the right circumstances, almost everyone could have allergies sometime in their life.

So, would I breed a dog with known allergies, no; but it is not 100% due to heredity. All dogs are born with mites. The immune mechanism depresses them as the puppy gets older. Constant depression may lead to more problems, deep mites. This is IMHO, from research, but also from some lifetime experiences. Sometimes more is not better.
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No he has not been seen by a allergy specialist. He was seen the first year this happened, losing hair in the Spring, and mange was ruled out and flea allergy was suspected. He was put on Promeris. His coat came back late Summer and by Fall he looked great. The next Spring, last year, the same thing happened with his coat. I switched him to Trifexis for fleas and HW's. We went to a different Vet in a larger town with a not so cordial approach. She mentioned 4 times in our 15 minute visit that I should neuter him. I told her I may very well do that one day, but not yet. Again his coat came back late Summer and he looked great again. 3 weeks ago the cycle started again. Going back to our small town doc next week. Very frustrating to say the least.
Have you had a thyroid check done? If thyroid is ruled out I would do allergy testing and possible shots. Three times would say to me do something different.
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