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Breeding a Dog with an Allergy?

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Would you do it or is it unethical/wrong/detrimental to the breed? Would you continue to train the dog or seek another prospect?
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As many others have said, there is a huge range of severity when you are talking allergies. This is a question I intend on asking amongst many others when looking for my next dog. I have a lab that started with allergies very young, and they were very bad at a very early age. I cant even begin to tell you the expense of trying to keep one step ahead of the awful skin issues, at one point I had him on two atopica 100 mg tablets a day, a box of 15 runs about $100,and that was only one of his many drugs... you do the math.My dog is probably one of the more extreme cases, but with allergies its the immune system that is all screwed up, his eventually led to him going blind with something called SARDs , sudden acquired retinal degeneration, and also has some weird kind of arthritis in his feet that seems to also be immune related...he is now back on methylprednisolone(steroids) which come with their own set of my answer is if the dog has allergies that you are treating.....Please do not breed, even if it is a one in a million chance hat it would be passed on, it is a miserable condition for the dog and so expensive and frustrating for the owner.
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I agree that it is not 100 percent hereditary, and also agree with the idea of vets giving too much all at once.I spoke to my veterinary dermatologist about this subject a few years ago because as far as I knew my dogs relatives were all allergy free(at least not affected to his degree). His thoughts were that it is one of those things that seem to pop up in some dogs, and its like a perfect storm, hereditary, enviorment, and unfortunate luck, and sometimes these dogs can be "pushed" over the edge at a young age with blasting them with too many vaccines or other stressers such as a big surgery etc.....either way it is an awful thing for the dogs and owners.
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