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Breeding a Dog with an Allergy?

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Would you do it or is it unethical/wrong/detrimental to the breed? Would you continue to train the dog or seek another prospect?
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I don't want another allergy (skin) dog, royal PITA, though my worst one was a mixed breed. I don't know about the inheritance factor, I don't think it is usually a simple inheritance and can just "pop up". I just don't feel comfortable breeding a dog with real, confirmed, chronic allergies that affect daily living, whether it be a special diet or the need for medication. I would not personally breed one and I would hope stud owners are honest enough when I ask them about such things.
Do we really know if allergies are hereditary?
I think, like lots of other things, they can be, but I don't think it is quite as simple as clear/carrier/affected like EIC or CNM, and sometimes, it just "shows up". Lots of mixed breeds have terrible allergies. My worst allergy dog (Lab) had at least two siblings with pretty nasty seasonal skin allergies. She was never bred, she had other physical issues, like both CCLs repaired before 2.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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