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Breeding a Dog with an Allergy?

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Would you do it or is it unethical/wrong/detrimental to the breed? Would you continue to train the dog or seek another prospect?
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I had an accidental breeding with one with allergies and the other without. One of my neigbors has a pup (now 2 years old) and apears to have allergies, last time I saw it it had real bad flakey skin. I dont know if its realated or not but seems to look alot like allergies to me. I havent heard back from them to see if they had a vet check yet
My question is? Is there really a test to check for food alleregies that will tell you what their allergic to. My dog has allergies and Dermotologist and vet said there was not for foods. There is for air borne.
I did the food trial with mine for the food.
Thanks, Brad
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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