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Breeding-How many times?

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How many times does a "good breeder" breed a healthy female in her lifetime without fear of being to hard on the dog? I am not a breeder nor do I own a female dog. I have always had male dogs and have no plans of breeding any females ,just curious.

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What might be important to some bitch owners is whether or not they are more interested in competition than producing puppies. There are alot of people who own both males and females and really have no desire to contribute to the gene pool...many don't need the money or the headache...hence they don't breed at all. Some of these dogs are national caliper...

Others only breed when there is a significant interest in offspring by people who are important to the posssible breeder. Many times, all of the pups have homes before the breeding...

And then there are others who really want to contribute to the genetic pool on more than one occasion whether or not it is warranted and whether or not there is significant interest in the proposed breeding prior to the breeding.

And finally, there is the group who thinks that they can make money producing pups...some of these breeders have cornered a little nitch in the marketplace, not unlike that of silver lab, british lab and labradoodle. Some that I have seen have used the same bitch more than once per year (poor dogs)...
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Not only does it not seem right but if everyone did that, where would all of the pups go? Perhaps culled to produce the great 1-2 pups per litter?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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