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Breeding-How many times?

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How many times does a "good breeder" breed a healthy female in her lifetime without fear of being to hard on the dog? I am not a breeder nor do I own a female dog. I have always had male dogs and have no plans of breeding any females ,just curious.

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Ken Newcomb said:
What is really sad is to see dogs listed twice a year in the classifieds having pups.
Personally I agree with this, but there is "some" evidence that it is healthier for the bitch to be bred on successive heats than to have a heat cycle without breeding. Going through heat without breeding is hard on the repro system, according to some repro specialists. Of course this would also depend on the bitch being COMPLETELY back into shape before breeding again.
However, I only breed to get myself a pup and cannot handle pups that close together, plus I like to see how the first pup turns out before breeding again. So I would never breed back to back for those reasons.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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