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Breeding-How many times?

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How many times does a "good breeder" breed a healthy female in her lifetime without fear of being to hard on the dog? I am not a breeder nor do I own a female dog. I have always had male dogs and have no plans of breeding any females ,just curious.

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I also think it has to do with the bitch, herself, and how she handles a litter.

I was fortunate to have a bitch who, with pups eight weeks old, did not look or act like she had whelped. She was very athletic, in very good shape, was a wonderful mom, and worked during and after pregnancy with no problems (she was not a FT dog! but had no problem swimming (and swimming, and swimming)).

She had two litters of one pup (stud was pretty much sterile), which I did not really count at all - they did not tire her out for a day!

I hope this isn't taken to mean that I think you should just repeatedly breed a bitch; I just think it also depends on her health, attitude, etc.
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