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Raney Ranch Retrievers job opening.

As a member of the Raney Ranch staff you are an integral and valued part of the organization. The job description below is a comprehensive explanation of your roles and responsibilities.
Foundational to all staff is a mutual respect of one another, strong communication between management and support staff, and an attitude to constantly improve the working environment and safety of our clients and their dogs.
Role: Kennel Support Staff
Our Kennel Support Team is one of the most diverse roles within the organization. Our canine guests depend on the entire team to ensure kennels remain clean, sanitary and safe. The proper care of each dog is critical to our clients satisfaction and the trust they instill in Raney Ranch.
This is an onsite live-in position.
Duties include but not limited to:
Ensuring the safety of each dog while in your care.
Morning and evening airing of each dog, following specific, dog-by-dog instructions.
Ensuring each dog is loaded into the proper trainer’s trailer.
Cleaning and sanitizing of each individual kennel.
Cleaning and sanitizing of airing locations.
Cleaning of dog trailers and trucks.
Cleaning of common training and storage locations, including barn.
Support of the trainers in the field when necessary, including client days.
Skills & Qualifications:
Strong affinity for sporting dogs.
Ability to lift heavy packages (50+ lbs) such as kennels, dog food, training supplies, etc.
The ability to take direction from supervisory staff.
Hourly Rate: Based on experience
All inquiries should be sent to:
Carrie Raney, [email protected]
Or text 858-414-8258
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