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If you belong to ANY club in California PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE urge them to get involved!!! Once there are no breeders there will be no clubs .... Say bye bye to your trials, tests and shows!!! San Bernandino, CA has passed MSN and they say that all puppies over 4 mos must be neutered but if they are shown they can be intact with a permit. Since you can't enter a dog under the age of 6 months in any events you are SOL! They mean for it to happen that way!!!!

Save Our Dogs now lists eleven organizations lined up in opposition to
AB 1634. This includes:

- 4 dog breed clubs
- 2 dog breed rescue groups
- ADBA -- one of only 3 dog registries for which AB 1634 grants a s/n
- 4 herding dog organizations

We are adding more each day. You can see the organizations here, on
the list of Friends on the lower left.

It is critical during this time, with the first Assembly Committee
hearings only a few weeks away, that we line up more organizations in
opposition to AB 1634. Additional rescue groups would be
particularly helpful, to counter the misconception that AB 1634 would
help alleviate the problem of too many dogs in shelters & rescues.
Any national or California dog organization would help though,
including breed clubs, kennel clubs, working dog organizations, etc.

If you are aware of any other national or California dog clubs or
groups that we might be able to enlist against mandatory spay/neuter,
could you please contact them and try to convince them to go on record
against AB 1634? Grass roots networking is quite effective. If you
are successful, please direct them to Save Our Dogs.

Email: [email protected]

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Several years ago we fought this battle in San Diego. The dog community won and the head of animal services promoting MSN and high registration & impound fees was let go. Using the alternative of community outreach and inexpensive spay/neuter programs, San Diego County now has a 0% euthanasia rate for adoptable dogs and is increasing the number of treatable dogs that become adoptable. The county is now importing dogs for adoption.

HSUS and the rest of the A/R movement do not want to look at a strategy that has proven successful, but instead cling to model that has not worked.

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The hearing in Sacramento is this Tuesday April 10th. It's crunch time and if you haven't contacted your state Assembly person do it now!!!

Once this stuff gets passed in California it creeps east.
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