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california opening weekend news and results

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san diego trial, san jose trial....any news yet ??
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Auggie 1st, Chopper 2nd, Jim Gerhold third with Neon, and 4th Gary Algren with Alex.
10 were back to the last series, but it was long uphill, tight and difficult, handles.
In the Open 11 back, Carbon RJ and only two JAMS, Auggie was the only dog to go out to the long bird on line, really the only dog to do it correctly. four dogs picked up.
The post above mine with the Open results was also incorrect, in the Open Chopper picked up in the third. It was Carbon with the RJ.
Sorry, results given to us were wrong last night and corrected today. From Don Shaw FT Chairman, Auggie does win double header. Chopper did an incredible job in the Am!
(My apologies, tired, after working for four days to help put the trial on)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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