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california opening weekend news and results

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san diego trial, san jose trial....any news yet ??
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San Jose Trail Qual results.

1st Candlewood's Talk Around Town - Lu Ann Pleasant, Handler - Dawn Walker, Owner

2nd Day's End Fords Powerstroke - Bill Totten, Handler - SD Bechtet JR, Owner

3rd Wind River's Take a Chance on Me MH - John Payne Handler - John and Kerri Payne Owners

4th- Hidden Bay Primal Pick - Don Remien, Handler - Chris Willet Owner

RJ - Duncan's Dee-Light - Lu Ann Pleasant Handler - Jon Knapp Owner

There were 8 Jams I only know 2 of those

There and Back Again - John Payne Handler - John and Kerri Payne Owners

High Tech Takeover - Shaune Grose Handler - Don Remien Owner

They will start the 3rd series of the Derby in the AM - 14 dogs back for the 3rd.
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Thanks, John is very happy. Hobbi's first Qual and Miss Chance worked with him. Only wish I could have been down there in CA with them instead of here in Montana.

That is wonderful news about Augie, what a way to start the year after such a tough one last year. Congrats to Frank and Chopper also.
More San Jose Results

Open Please forgive if I mispell the names.

1st - Ken Jackson with Auggie - What a way to start the Year!!!!! :D

2nd - Charles Tyson - FC - AFC Coda Blue Rider

3rd - Don Remein - FC - Espirit's Double Whammy - Carol Lilenfeld & Hilary R Brook Owners

4th - Bill Sargenti - Rivillo Spirt of Independance - Don't know who the owner is.

RJ - Frank Kashevarof - NFC - AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior - Chopper


Joe Sabrana - Syamite Miss Sugar
Lu Anne Pleasant - World Famous Buddy
Bill Totton - Jazztime Hanging Chad

Derby Results

1st - Nightwind's Gay Lady - Tom Brannon Handler & Owner

2nd - There and Back Again - John Payne Handler & Owner

3rd - Hawkeye's Iceman - Dennis Hayre Handler & Owner

4th - KC's Hair Aparent - Linda Brown Handler & Owner

RJ - Brix High Octane - Bill Totten Handler - I am sorry did not get the name of the owner

Several Jams

Take care and have a grand day

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I must apologize, I did make an error on the RJ in the open :oops:
It was Carbon, sorry. That is what I get for listening to my other half, and a bad cell phone connection. Again I apologize.

Either way, both Ken and Frank had a great weekend. Auggie, Carbon and Chopper are all great dogs, and I wish I could have been there to watch it all.
Congrats to both Ken & Frank :D

Thanks Kris, John is very happy. Hobbi has 2 more Derby's that he gets to play in. John was in tears, when I was talking with him. We are very blessed to have Hobbi and we are also blessed to havea great training group in CA and here in Montana. You are part of our success also.

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