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Qual results:

1st Hanna's Eye of the Tiger Barbara Furlano John Pampy (handler)
2nd Valtor Pete's Jackie Valerie Martin
3rd Foxfires The Highlander Bill Kolstad
4th Windsong's Hound of Ulster Eric Fangsrud (handler)
RJ Rockliffs Shoot for the Blue Sally Foster

Jams went to:
Blue My Cash Patsy Martin handler
Highland's Diamond Rio Debbie Crawford
Prairie Ledge Nicoal Patsy Martin handler
Sniper's Pocket Rocket Alice Woodyard
Starrs Gila Salty Flow Tony Massahos

Other stakes are still running and derby just startec

Wild weather left a lot of mud. Thunder and lightning sent us home late yesterday afternoon only to find that all motels, gas stations, fast food joints etc. at the Lost Hills were without power!!!! It was out for about four hours I think. came back on around 8 pm. First time in a whole lot of years that I have been forced to go to bed at 7pm.....

Hopefully someone will post the rest of the results.

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California South Coast RC


First World Famous Magical Mischief Gelardi/Sargenti
Second Justin Time Mr. Moto Anderson/Kiernan
Third Wood River's Franchise Fruehling/Remien
Fourth FTCH AFTCH Spirit of Independence RahnefeldSargenti
RJ FC/AFC Yellowstone's Dust Devil Brown/Remien

(I have decided that I am becoming the RJ Queen!)


First FC/AFC Volwood's Peaches & Cream Vollstedt
Second Valley Home Primetime Gerhold NEW AFC!!!!
Third Flying High Green/Shih--run by Butch
Fourth Hiwood Jaguar McFall


First Elk Run Sundance Kiehn/Martin
Second Louzana Luke Ibarra
Third Moonstone's Hug and Moochie McKnight (Derby List!)
Fourth Hardscrabble's Mojo Boyett/Fangsrud


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Alright Butch and Fly!!!!
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