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So yesterday afternoon my wife took our 15 month old BLF to air and go for a walk. Coming out of her kennel she acted normal, ready to go and very excited. By the time they returned, she had become very sick (30 mins). Her ears were down, her tale was tucked, she was very lethargic, and she was eating grass (not normal for her). When they returned to the kennel, she went straight into her dog house and laid down. I went out a few minutes later. Her mouth was very dry, she was gagging a bit and refused to eat or drink. After about three hours she came out of her house, and sat at the kennel door; it was nearing chow time. We fed her on time and she ate/drank without an issue. This morning she acts as if nothing was ever wrong. But I am here to tell you it was a scary couple hours. She was very sick. Any idea what could have caused this?

Note: She is on an antibiotic to prevent infection in a torn pad. She's been on it for about a week w/no noticeable side effects.

My wife told me she drank some ditch water on their walk - which she always does. I was thinking there may have been something in the water that made her sick.
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