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Can we change the classified ads??

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Hey Chris,

Can we make a change to the classified ads?

Rather than posting a new ad every 90 days, why not every 60 days?

That way on puppies (which is the most used ad board) we can post the ad when we do the breeding, once the pups are born and then any pups left at 8 weeks or so.

Also, it should keep the litter ads to two pages instead of 3 or 4.

Can we do it?


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if its every 2 months you can post before they are born then again once they are born and you have you count then again when they are 8 weeks old if you still have some left.
Chris after reading all your post I agree with you about if it is every 60 days you will probably move to page 2 quicker.I guess if more people erased there adds after selling all the pups or editing would be fine.I bet you could call about alot of the adds that are on here and bet there are quite a few that have all be sold.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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