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As I write this, I have to chuckle abit..... :lol:

My 10MO BLF just started her 1st Heat cycle. She is a 3/4 house dog and 1/4 kennel. At night, she sleeps in our bedroom, either on our bed or on her dog bed. My wife bought her some of those "Hot Pants" to wear during her cycle when she is in the house.

Now, the first two days haven't been normal activity. She is constantly pacing around, wanting to go outside. I figure it's either the new fangled "pants" which she really doesn't like or she has to urinate more often. We have 6 other dogs, 4 males and 2 females of various breeds. The males are kept securely kenneled and in addition, our yard is fenced in.

I am finding my self keeping her in the kennel more, where she is fine. No "Pants" and the unmentionable word "Pads" for me to change. "Thats real positive" I just hit the "40" this past year, maybe I am in a Real "Mid Life Crisis". I never had to worry about these kind of things before :lol:

I was wondering what others have done or have experienced abnormal behavior during these 3-4 weeks. (No, the female pup was my choice). That's where all men have met their demise. Maybe I should have called her "Eve". I mean Karl
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