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Canon EOS Rebel

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Good Camera? Pros? Cons? Maybe look at something else?
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Which one? 300, 350 or 400???

All of them are well thought of cameras. The 400 is their current model and their most advanced entry level dSLR. The 350 is their last model of their entry level dSLR. It is pretty much a close out model now and can be purchased right.

A good resources is:

The 350 can be found body only for under $500.00 with a kit lens for around $570.00.

The 400 with the kit is about $800.00

I am a novice too, but I have done some research in the last year and if you have any specific questions I may be able to point you to an internet resource that could answer your question.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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