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Any news to share yet?
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Some of that good news needs to go to you as well.
Thanks for the congrats folks. Mica was solid, if unspectacular this weekend. Could've used my 1st series marks from her previous 2 Opens, but that's the way it often works eh.

Shayne being the quiet modest soul he is, failed to mention that "Blue" also Jammed to Amateur and did a real nice job in the 4th.

Also wanted to give a big Shout out to Jeff T. for "Sinner's" Open placement. Since he co-owned the dog with Martha Lee Voshell, I know that it must means a lot.

I didn't get to see any of his series in the AM, but my understanding was that "Rough" essentially didn't set a foot wrong all weekend. Nice way to close out that AFC.

Emily Faith said:
WoooHooo!!!!! Way to go Gary and Rough!!! You guys sure know how to finish off that last 1/2 point you needed for the AFC! Congratulations to Gay, Liz and Rough! We sure are proud of you guys! That's the first field champion for offspring of Jamie and Eve. [ /quote]

Congrats to brother Rough from Honor & Kirby...... :lol: :D
We had the pleasure of training today with Gary and watching Rough run. What a beautiful strong dog! Congratulations Gary and it was a pleasure to meet you today.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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