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1st Shooter/ Alan Pleasant
2nd Ike/David Ward
3rd Jezzie/Les Levering
4th Lucy/Colin McNicol
RJ Jet/Colin McNicol
Jam Cruise/Rick Milheim
Jam Larry/ Michael L. Moscowitz

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Congrats To Alan Pleasant

Congratulations to Alan Pleasant with the derby win. This is one of Mike Beadle's breedings to Patton. Congrats to Shooter also and his owner. Dave, the older brother has set a standard for you and Pattie now. Congratulations to Moscowitz w/ a derby Jam.

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That's pretty neat that Shooter got a win! I'm very proud of Shooter, Alan Pleasant and Ron Marsh, not to mention Dave Wilson and Juan Rosas for doing his young dog work. Last week we had a win with a Chopper/Star puppy and this week a win with a Nicki/Patton puppy. My Nicki/Patton puppy is with Chylo Schifferns and he looks like he is going to make himself known to the world at 12 months old. He's really coming on strong and at a really young age. Chylo is doing a fantastic job and he has had "Money" since he was 3.5 months old. I can't wait to see how my young guy does.


ps. Shooter has run 6 derbies in the last 6 months, 3-4ths, 1-1st. He currently has 1.33 points per start and he has one trial to go. I'm crossing my fingers.

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Open Call backs to the 4th - 20 dogs


Amateur Call backs = 13 dogs



1st - #36 Elsie - O=Ken Neil&Brenda Little H = Alan Pleasant

2nd - #32 Charlotte - O/H= Andrea Clark

3rd -
#39 Rod - O=Bev Millheim&Bob Willow H=Bev

4th - #24 - Ella O/H John Clarke

RJ - # 18 - Dee Dee - O - Tom Van Handle H=Dave Ward

Jams - #10 - Trip O/H=John Clarke
#25 - Plow O/H = Jon Ahlstrand

Congrats Ken, Brenda, and Allen!!!

Congrats to all the rest!

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1st - #15 - Benny - O=Mark Menzies H=Alan Pleasant

2nd - #13 - Stomper - O=Steven Peter H=Hugh Arthur

3rd - #6 - Talon - O/H=Bob Willow

4th - Bill Goldstein, not sure what dog, sorry.

RJ - sorry, I don't know who it is.
Jams- there are 2, I don't know who they are either, sorry.


1st - #16 - Talon - O/H=Bob Willow

2nd - #33 - Darla - O/H=Breck Cambell

3rd - #34 - Windy - O=Ken Neil & Brenda Little H=Ken

4th - #47 - Lilly - O/H=Forrest Faulkner

RJ -

18, 24, 25, 29, 35

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I sure hope Gwen drove home, that could be a dangerous ride with Alan driving, he has got to be HIGH

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Lucy and Jet that placed and Jammed in the Derby are littermates
out of:
FC AFC CFC CAFC He's Czar Nicholas X CFC Pekisko's Triple Threat
Owned by Norm Elder....Handled by Collin McNicol

I believe Norm kept 3 out of that litter and all three are looking good.

They'll be fun to watch.

My girl "Auti" from that litter is all I can handle and she's suppose to be the passive one.
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