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I am posting the handler's name and some dogs' names only, that's the best I can do for now.(John F.) :wink:

1. Chris Ledford (Nike)
2. Lasal Banty
3. Jessie Kent(Moses)
4. Alan Pleasant(Whitewing?)
R. Jam. Alan Pleasant(Howdy)
Jam Alan Pleasant(Coot)

1. Bob Willow (Talon)
2. Mark Rosenblum (Axle)
3. John Gianladis
4. Alan Catey
R.Jam. Connie Cleveland(Ezra)
Jams. Tommy Parrish(Allie)(Otter?)
Marvin Blount(Shad)
Mark Rosenblum(Norman)

1. Lucas Johnson/Alan Pleasant
2. Lucas Johnson/Alan Pleasant
3. Lucas Johnon/Alan Pleasant
4. Terry Fowler
R.Jam Lucas Johnson/Alan Pleasant
Jams. Bill Goldstein, Chris Ledford, Bob Reckhart
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