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Casting help and Mouthy pup

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Beginner here: I wish I would have started my 6-7month old lab on casting sooner. Trying to teach the "place" command with a dog cot and sending her after bumpers from there.

Any tips on how to get her started or easier ways to teach her. I've ordered Lardy's program but won't be getting it for a while due to shipping issues. Anything helps

additional questions: she's mouthy, won't hold more than a second, and constantly drops it due to her moving it in her mouth and chewing it. I've tried teaching hold since she was younger but little improvement. Anything I can do to limit this or is this just an excited puppy thing? Thanks guys
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Three or four weeks ago, there was a heeling issue. How's that coming along?

Your wants may not match up with the pup's needs. It appears that several skills are expected to fall into place at the same time. A general rule is to isolate skills and teach them individually. What you want and what a pup is capable of learning or doing may not be the same. The pup needs should get the nod on what's next.

Pups learn in their own time.....deadlines are often counterproductive. Expecting it to just happen because that's what we want is unrealistic. You've never mentioned whether or not you are following a program. You did say you're waiting for Lardy's. What influenced that decision and how do you feel that will change what you are doing right now? For instance, I am fairly certain Lardy does not cast to platforms.

Which do you think should be dealt with first casting or being mouthy? Could you isolate each in different sessions? When would you combine them? And again how is the heeling coming along?

In conclusion, what a trainer sees in his pup's performance is a result of the trainer's input. That may seem harsh.......but there is a cure.
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