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Casting help and Mouthy pup

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Beginner here: I wish I would have started my 6-7month old lab on casting sooner. Trying to teach the "place" command with a dog cot and sending her after bumpers from there.

Any tips on how to get her started or easier ways to teach her. I've ordered Lardy's program but won't be getting it for a while due to shipping issues. Anything helps

additional questions: she's mouthy, won't hold more than a second, and constantly drops it due to her moving it in her mouth and chewing it. I've tried teaching hold since she was younger but little improvement. Anything I can do to limit this or is this just an excited puppy thing? Thanks guys
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Wait till you get your Lardy materials: based on what you have written, your pup is not prepared for what you are asking it to do.

Pup should be fetching on command and holding the bumper before you proceed with teaching casting. It should not be bobbling, dropping or chewing the bumper. The pup should be solid with sit, here and heel before you force fetch.

Lardy's flow chart is here:

Good luck!
Does Lardy explain how to get a pup to stop the chewing?
No, I don't think so. None of the programs I've watched cover that, though I remember seeing some coaching by Bill Hilllman on a blog type forum in which he tried to help someone improve their dog's mouthiness---this was several years ago. He also has some youtube videos about teaching hold that have been slapped up on RTF quite a few times.

Here's the first of 3:

Here's 2/3:

Here's 3/3:

Your best bet is to get some local coaching, 1tulip above is in your neck of the woods.
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