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Casting help and Mouthy pup

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Beginner here: I wish I would have started my 6-7month old lab on casting sooner. Trying to teach the "place" command with a dog cot and sending her after bumpers from there.

Any tips on how to get her started or easier ways to teach her. I've ordered Lardy's program but won't be getting it for a while due to shipping issues. Anything helps

additional questions: she's mouthy, won't hold more than a second, and constantly drops it due to her moving it in her mouth and chewing it. I've tried teaching hold since she was younger but little improvement. Anything I can do to limit this or is this just an excited puppy thing? Thanks guys
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Did you teach hold as part of a force fetch program? What I mean is have you forced the dog to hold things with pressure (ear pinch)?
I teach hold as the beginning of force fetch and get it rock solid before moving one step further. I like having that hold down pat. It sure makes things a lot easier. I would hold off until you get your material. Once you see someone teach it it's a lot easier.
One trick I've used with great success is incorporating casting into force to pile. Once I have the dog solid on force to pile at say 50 yards I'll go back to the pile only being 10 yards and I do a modified baseball. I start only a couple yards adjacent to the dog/pile line and slowly move out until I have the dog running force baseball with the over or back command rather than force to pile. It's a pretty natural transition for most dogs. Then it's water force time.
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