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Congrats to Laniee [FOM] I understand that Bullet stomeped the first and third series and got the blue.....Way to go :lol:

Sounds like the judges threw some monster marks...

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Here are the results:

1st Ligtning Fast Quack Attacker (Bullet) O/H - Lainee Shinsato
2nd Big "Mac" Super Size O-James Carlisle H-Clint Avant
3rd Topbrass Repete Pawsability (Pete) O-Wayne & Deb Dorband H-Kenny Trott
4th Trumac's Mister Smith (Smitty) O-P. Youngblood H-Clint Avant
RJ Watermark's "Laurie" Darlin O-Richard Price H-Clint Avant

Taylorlab Downtown "Cooter" Brown O-Lyle Steinman H-Clint Avant
Penmark's Pay Per View (Rock) O-John Monroe H-Clint Avant
Fat Tire's Free Bird (Lynyrd) O-Tracey & Wayne Jensen H-Tracey Jensen
Patton's Black Water Ripper (Rip) O-Bobby Purser H-Mark Edwards
Rocket-Man To The Moon (Rock) O-John Caire H-Clint Avant
Berger Lake "Diva" O-Jay Hearnsberger H-Clint Avant
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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