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As of Saturday night:


1st--FC NAFC Adam Acres Cherokee Rose--J. Russell
2nd--South-Paw Mr. Blue Stomper--A. or H. Arthur
3rd--Barton Creek's Classic Glass--B. Ecket
4th--Caqndlewoods Rokee Ely-Jah--B. Ecket
RJ--FC AFC M and M's Bun's of Steel--M.Brown
J's--Coppertops Whistlin Taps--A. or H. Arthur, Meba's MS Chief--B.Ecket, FC AFC Dewy's Drake of Moon Rivers--B. Ecket


1st--Sarah's Ellie--B. Reckart
2nd--Zeke of Silver Creek--B. George
3rd--Peakebrook's Apparition--C. Donahey
4th--Bettin on Bettie--B. George
RJ--Blackthorn's Rudy Dude MH--B. Reckart
J's--Buckshot Fire Breather--M. Brown, Old Navy--J. Paiment, Coppertop's Raven Brave--A. Arthur

Since I came home early, someone else will have to post the A & D.


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Way to go Al and Stomp.
That's 2 Open seconds recently.
The elusive Blue will come soon Steven!
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