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Open - Butch Chambers / Dr. Bill Goldstein

1) NAFC FC Adam,s Cherokee Rose - John Russell
2) Gunzup's One Whistle O) J Thomas H) Bruce Koonce
3) FC AFC Carolina's Electric Gypsy O) C Jointer H) Hugh Arthur
4) A&D Wild Wind Tasha O)E Faaborg H) H. Arthur
RJ FC CFC CAFC Wingover Little Joe
Jams -
Good Idea's Golly Miss Molly K Neil / A Pleasant
Pozzy's High Ridge Roller P. Simonds
CFC CAFCRevilo's Y2K Microchip S Anthony / J Henard
FC AFC Comstocks Bodacious J Marshall / A Pleasant
South Paw MR Blue Stomper S Peter / H Arthur
FC AFC M&M's Buns of Steel - Mitch Brown
South Bay's New York Titan - G-Man Troha
FC Pleasant River's Kate - J Marshall / A Pleasant

Amateur - Dr. Craig Stonesifer / Van Ames

1) Ruf Sea's Angus - Ken Erikson
2) FC AFC M&M's Buns of Steel - Mitch Brown
3) South Bays New York Titan - G-Man Troha
4) FC AFC Espirits Power Play - Martha Russell
RJ) FC South Bays Maxx's Mischief - G-Man Troha
Jams -
Sea-J-Pleasant River Blue - Charlie Markham
FC AFC Winifox Hot Shot - Whitney Ralph
CFC CAFC Big Blue's Distant Thunder - Lasal Banty

Qualifying - Francis Keenan / Missy Lemoi

1) Nicolls Twigy - Keith Nicolls
2) Sir Wolfgang Jack Maverick - D Grand / J. Henard
3) The Mark - It Maker - M Jarvis / H Arthur
4) Blackthorns Rudy Dude, MH R. Weiland / Bob Reckart
RJ - Marjohn's Bravo Zulu -J Stouffer / Rick Roberts
Mac's Perfect Storm - Betsy Bernhard
Gunzup Busted Rudder - J Thomas / B Koonce
Mia Blue - Glenn Golden
Seaside's Hukuna Matata - F Jones / H Arthur
Sugarfoot's No Spin Zone - Dave Mosher
TSC"S Polar Bear Cub Samatha - Stan Chiras

Sorry Derby was still running when I left.

CONGRATS TO RTN"S G-MAN TROHA - Open Jam / Amat - 3rd & Jam
Mitch Brown - Open - Jam / Amat - 2nd

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Congrats on the placements everyone. "Rose" is truly amazing. How old is she now 11 maybe? Once in a lifetime dog for sure.
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