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Chattanooga Retriever Club results: 10/1-3/04

DERBY-Judges: Skip Cannon and Henry Ragle

1st: Seaside?s Cutty Sark-Frank & Rita Jones, MD/Hugh Arthur
2nd: Coolwater?s Storm Chaser-Alexandra Washburn/Alex
3rd: Catskill?s Southern Lawyer-Cynthia & Samuel Wilbanks/Ryan Brasseaux
4th: Dominators Miss American Pie-Herb Taylor/Scott Harp
RJ: Dixie City Jam II-Bill & Sara Goldstein/Hugh Arthur
Jams: Donna Anns Drake-Brian & Donna Hardin/Jeff Horsley
Candlewoods Shot of Rebel Pride-Corey Painter/Corey
Black Horse?s Select Vintage-Paul Brundige/Scott Harp
Speedy Voodoo-Jon Ahlstrand/Jon
Butch?s Dream Code of TCR-Butch Statham/Charlie Moody
Third Creek?s Miss Bodacious-Larry Morgan/Paul Knutson
Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt-Nicolaus Patin/Ryan Brasseaux
Grasshopper?s Hammerin? Jack-Darrel & Debbie Russo/Darrel
Carolina?s Augustus Maximus-Frank Barton/Scott Harp

QUALIFYING-Judges: Skip Cannon and Sherie Catledge

1st: Lady Madelyn?s Holy Tara, MH-Wally & Sheryl Riffle/Wally
2nd: Wham Bam On The Rocks-Krissy Goltz/Paul Knutson
3rd: Wild Chase For Blue-Tommy Parrish/Tommy
4th: Plano?s Renewed Independence-Jeremiah & Catherine Harston/Jeremiah
RJ: Winterhaven?s Naughty Jetta-Jeff & Paula Horsley/Paula

AMATEUR-Judges: Wes Lee and Valarie Marks

1st: Booty Raider-Franco Daroza/Pam Park (relatively rookie handler wins AM with Franco?s dog!)
2nd: AFC Candlewood?s Airborne Allie-Tommy Parrish/Tommy
3rd: Lake Park Cody?s Ziperroo-Charles Bearden/Charles
4th: Charles of Maple Creek-Brad & Sonya Bowyer/Brad

OPEN-Judges: Vickie Lamb and Al Previte

1st: Third Creek?s Delta Dawn-Lori Morgan/Paul Knutson (finishes FC and Q?s National Open!)
2nd: Lake Park?s In Pursuit-Charles Bearden/Charles
3rd: Theiven Satin Sable-W.J. Tidd & W.C. Tidd/Chris Ledford
4th: FC-AFC RSK?s Smooth Sailing-Vicki Worthington/Scott Harp (alright Vicki!)
RJ: Bar Ten?s Touchdown Dash-Annette Winburn and Joe McNinch/Hugh Arthur
Jam: AFC Creekside?s Moses Malone-Jessie & Skip Kent/Jessie

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Good dog Booty.

Attagirl on the half open point Vicky, you're in the ribbons most of the time. That doesn't come easy.

3rd: Catskill?s Southern Lawyer-Cynthia & Samuel Wilbanks/Ryan Brasseaux
Does anyone know what the call name is for the above dog? I started letting my imagine go but stopped before I got to off base.

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Congrats to Vicki and Cruise!! :D :D

And an Amateur win - not too shabby for Mr. Booty's dog!!! Congrats!! :D

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