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Chattanooga Retriever Club
May 13-15, ?05 Field Trial results


1st Miss Bee Havin?, MH-Forrest Faulkner
2nd Topgrade?s Just Do It-Bill Earley (Chris Ledford)
3rd AFC Creekside?s Moses Malone-Jessie/Skip Kent (Jessie)
4th FC Zip It Up-Watson/Anderson (Mike Long)
RJ It?s All Over Now Baby Blue-Kip Kemp
J Lauren?s Delilah O?Riley-Mike/Kelly Gooch (Joe Harp)


1st JB?s Rude Attitude-Dick/Charlotte Kaiser (Dick)
2nd Took A Chance On You-Andy Anderson
3rd AFC Creekside?s Moses Malone-Jessie/Skip Kent (Jessie)
4th FC-AFC JB?s So Rude-Dick/Charlotte Kaiser (Dick)
RJ Miss Bee Havin?-Forrest Faulkner
J High Mileage Hilltop?s Hustle, MH-Dave/Marty Kress (Marty)
J FC The Man In Black-Kip Kemp
J High Mileage Firestorm- Dave/Marty Kress (Dave/Marty)
J AFC Watuaga?s Bull Gator-Steve O?Connell


1st RSK?s Working For A Living-Darrel Russo (Chris Ledford)
2nd Candlewood?s High Mileage Hope-Dave/Marty Kress (Marty)
3rd Wingmaster?s Choupique Java, JH-Michael Watson
4th Donna Ann?s Drake-Brian/Donna Hardin (Jeff Horsley)
RJ Morris? Auggie Busch Doggie-Morris Strange (Charlie Moody)
J Carolina?s Augustus Maximus-Frank Barton (Joe Harp)
J RSC?s Tornado Ally-Stan Chiras
J May Bodacious Wade-Wade Hendricks (Carter Hughes)
J Cold Gin Time-Scott/Paula Hughes (Carter Hughes)
J Candlewood?s Shot of Rebel Pride-Corey Painter
J P.P.?s Teton Black Rock Coal-Al Previte


1st Moody?s Medicine Man-Charlie Moody
2nd Shadow?s Sweet Something-Danny Luttrell
3rd Riparian Makin? Tracks-Cliff/Jeanne Garland (Joe Harp)
4th Waxlake?s Let ?Em Land-Forrest/Monica Faulker (Forrest)
RJ Cody Cut A Lean Grade-Chad Baker
J Atlasta Winner-Paul/Martha Blank (Joe Harp)

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Thanks for posting.

How large were your entries?

Did you have to judge?

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Way to go Pixie, Hustle, and A SECOND FOR HOPE!!!
How 'bout those Kress dawgs!
Congratulations from Becky and Hoss
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