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Any CBR lovers in the area, this is your chance to come see all the top CBRs in the country.

The American Chesapeake Club National Specialty Show is in Frederick, Md. Oct. 11-16. There are over 400 entries in tracking, obedience, agility and working dog stakes in addition to breed classes. The show is at the Holidome on Rt. 70 just east of the town of Frederick. Tracking and obedience will be held at a nearby farm in Monrovia Md. Website is

Show schedule:
Oct. 11 Tracking, at Armstrongs' farm in Monrovia
Oct. 12 Rally and obedience, at the Holidome (be sure and come watch the team obedience and root for the "*******" team wearing camo, git r done T shirts, baling twine leashes and duck tape collars starring LVL and Gopher & Julie & Puffin)
Oct. 13 Agility, at the Holidome (this is really fun to watch!)
Oct. 14 Sweepstakes classes for pups aged 6 to 18 mos. and veterans aged 7 and over; all dog classes
Oct. 15 All bitch classes, hunting dog/bitch classes, field trial dog/bitch classes, stud dog/brood bitch classes, brace and Best of Breed
Oct. 16 8 a.m. at the Armstrongs' farm, WD/X/Q stakes which has 105 entered! biggest entry in the history of the program. The WD program was started before hunt tests existed and modeled after field trials (gunners wear white); dogs earn certificates for Working Dog, Working Dog Excellent and Working Dog Qualified. We're also having a puppy stakes at lunchtime for the mini Peakes

Then, the ACC Specialty Field Trial is in Winslow, NJ Oct. 18-20--this is the chance to see ALL the top FT CBRs in the country in one place--THREE dual champions: Blaze, Canvas and Tiger, AFC Curry and AFC Loppy along with plenty of other RTFs and their nice Peakes who will all be at this FT. Schedule as follows: Oct. 18 the Qualifying and Open stakes start. Oct. 19 the Amateur starts; and the Derby will start after the conclusion of the Qualifying stakes.
Here's the FT website:

Anyone who is interested in coming, look me up; I'll be at both events. Can't wait! I'm co-chair of the WD/X/Q and because of the large entry we may need some help in the field, so PM me if you're available Sun. Oct 16

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traxx said:
Yeah, and look me up too...I be judging the Derby...I'll be the one with the shovel to keep the "groundhogs" in line

That should get Joyce's attention :D :D :D
"groundhogs" I think not!
The only "TRUE AMERICAN RETRIEVER" is the correct term.
Thank you for help and I will see you there.

Tim Carrion

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Let us folk here on the list know what's happening back there. One of my training buddies is entered in the Derby & Qual--I think he might have even gotten really brave and entered the Open, too. His wife is showing the dogs in breed as well. Handsome looking chessies and nice working dogs as well.
Suzanne Burr
Honeywood Goldens (the other exotic breed)
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