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The kennel owners wife now has chickens. She put them in the pigeon coop barn. It has three dividers, so no problem. Several days ago one of the roosters escaped and has been struting around the training area and close to where I park. I have taught Hank to leave the rooster alone and he will. Shadow not so much.

Today when I arrived the hens were out along with three roosters.

I was running my last leg of pattern blinds. 170 yds. I noticed one rooster and four hens were hanging just behind the bumper pile 5-10 yds. I sent Hank he went to the pile, picked up a bumper and returned without fault.

Talk about a poison bird. Good boy Hank!
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It could be good, could be bad. I was at a trial and the person running before me got a very live crippled flier. The duck was walking around in the AOF, very visible to the dog and everyone in the galllery. The dog acted like he didn't see it or care about it. When the handler finally got the dog back they said that there were "pet" ducks where they trained and the dog had been taught to ignore thm.

Hopefully it won't be a problem for you.
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