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Ten Bears Road Trip, is 29 months old, I am the owner and trainer which probably put the dog at a loss. I OWN and trained a AFC, which also is the youngest dog in HRC TO HAVE OVER 500 POINTS, 26 MONTHS. she also has a MH 6 FOR 6, I mention this because I believe this male can play the field trial game and I WILL ENTER him in a few amatuers this fall to test the waters. This dog is out of two black FC'S BUT it all comes from FC AFC Sweet Potato Pie the only chocolate female to have both titles . I RAN ONE QUAL WITH Tick at 19 months and he jammed it because the handler tried to primary select instead of letting the dog do his thing. thank you for your comments good or bad Mike Judas. Like Kippy Kemp said do not piss down my back and call it rain
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