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February 19th Informal Results:

OPEN: Judges Ray Amundson and Tom McMorrow 19 dogs entered
1st – Brandy BLF Greg Murtha
2nd – Prime BLM Craig Schinzel
3rd – Putts BLF Spence Buerkle
4th – Ace BLF Duane Smith
RJ – Cooper BLM Chris Brandl
Jam – Pearl BLF Chris Brandl
Chase BLM Bob Beyer
Arrow BLM Mike Nugent

QUALIFYING: Judges Spence Buerkle and Todd Caswell 20 dogs entered
1st – Viper BLM Joe Evens owner
2nd – Sadie BLF Chuck Navratil
3rd – Ace BLF Duane Smith
4th – Drake GRM Steve Stauner
RJ – Sugar BLF Chuck Navratil
Jam – Gus BLM Bill Liljemark
Junior Handler Stitch BLF Aaron Wurm

DERBY: Judges Leda Blom and Burt Fosse 12 dog entered
1st – Drake BLM Jeff Latour
2nd – Maynard GRM Gordie Schlichting
3rd – Major YLM Darin Wurm
4th – Dibbs BLM Dan Stavrum
RJ – Riley BLM Greg Murtha
Jam – Cooper BLM Todd Caswell
Amos BLM owner Krisi Palmer handler Tim Melham
Ruby BLF Craig Schinzel

HUNTERS: Judges Jeff VanGeest and Dan Tongen 22 dogs entered
1st – Cooper BLM Todd Caswell
2nd – Trax YLM Jim Gutzweller
3rd – Suzi GRF Steve Staum
4th – Coach GRM Susan Kluesner
RJ – Abbey YLF Jeff Latour
Jams – Ruby BLF Craig Schinzel

PUPPY: Judges Mark Belford 10 dogs entered
1st – Sassy BLF Joe Evens
2nd – Rio YLM Rick Rodriquez
3rd – Ruby BLF Sue Schinzel
4th – Ice BLF Duane Smith
RJ – Amos BLM Kris Palmer owner Aaron Wurm handler
Jam – Hank BLM Jeff Latour
Rex BLM Jeff Latour
Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit

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Does anyone know some contact information for someone that can answer some questions for me about joining the CMRC? The website does not have any and looks like it has not been updated since 2010.
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