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Collar Conditioning Question

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I'm not to far away from starting the collar conditioning process with my dog. I'm following Fowl Dawgs and when he does collar conditioning he gives the command then gives a nick the gives the command again. I have only done collar conditioning one other time and I did it following the book by Tom Dokken and he teaches collar conditioning by saying the command then giving a nick while also giving pressure from the collar. What are the reasons for giving the command twice with a nick in between rather than just once? It seems like the way Tom Dokken does it follows more with the way formal on is taught. I'm just trying to figure out which is the best way to do collar conditioning. Thanks
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On Fowl Dawgs he sandwiches a nick in between the command. He does it with sit, here, and heel, not just during the forcing to pile.
In my interpretation of Mike's material, he does the same.
Know what? I was wrong. I went back and reviewed the manual and the video and Mike's not sandwiching the command! (on the e-collar conditioning)

But he does sandwhich when introducing indirect pressure.
Yes, absolutely he does. I personally had confused the "back" - nick - "back" and the "toot"- nick - "toot" with his also doing it in Total E Collar conditioning. Then I checked the manual this AM and found it I pulled out the old VHS (a neighbor had the DVD) and sure enough, it was just :

"sit"-nick, or "here" sandwich!

It's all good.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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