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*** Do not contact me, POC information at the bottom, just passing on event information ***

The Colorado Gun Dog Association (a pointing dog club) is hosting the 2012 Snake Avoidance Course for all dog breeds

Saturday June 23rd & Sunday June 24th at Quail Run near Elizabeth, CO.

You will be entered on a first come first serve basis except those who are registered and show up early will have priority. The wait is not usually long and we are set up to accommodate many more than have registered.
Most dogs do not know what a snake is or aware of the dangers of a rattlesnake encounter. They are very curious and are bitten when they investigate. The snakes bite as a defensive action. Our course introduces dogs to real rattlesnakes safely. Each dog gets individual treatment. One of our handlers will lead your dog through the course then you will participate at the finish. Be aware that he/she will get shocked by an electric collar in a way that he/she will blame the snake. This is the only time the snakes & handler is available this year. You may come either day.

There is plenty of room for your dog/s in this clinic. This course does not take long, 10 to 15 minutes per dog, so we can educate many dogs.
We will be there until at least 1:00 pm, all dogs are taken care of or we can't go on. You need not show up at 8:00 am but those registered who come at around 7:30 to 8:00 am will have priority on a first come first serve basis.

Walk-ins ( not registered ) are welcome. Sending in the application and payment beforehand will make the process go smoother and those registered that come at around 7:30 to 8:00 am will have priority (see attachment). Please pass the word to your dog loving friends.

Fred Prior
CGDA Snake Avoidance Course
[email protected]
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