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Should the AKC allow a club to hold a O/H Amat and Qual?

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Competing trials

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We have all discussed the need for smaller FTs and the the need to attract more people, not dogs.
Should the AKC allow clubs a 3rd trial per year that is a 2 day event with 2 stakes O/H Amat and O/H Qual?
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All of the people who are trying to get a FC placed in front of the dogs name benefit Tim. Maybe just maybe if the clubs are aloud to have 3 trials and the milage rule is lighten up we would have more people invovled in FT's and more even numbers that are controlable at the same time! Imagine new people invovled that could help out the worker situation. I disagree with the O/H idea. If you don't like competing against the pros run the AM, that's what it's setup for! Whether you agree or disagree the pro's bring a lot to the table in the FT stakes. I applaud anyone who is competitive weekend and weekout that has not had any pro advice. There is many people like myself who train like HE**, but have used the help of a pro to teach us as much about the sport as they have our dogs. I don't think we should try to handicap the pro from making a living by having alot of O/H stakes. I wish I could take a cut in pay to go train dogs from daylight to dark everyday in all types of weather. If you were to average the salaries of the top 30 pro's in the country I think you would be surprised, you sure as HE$$ wouldn't want quit your day job!
Just MY 2cents
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1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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