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Should the AKC allow a club to hold a O/H Amat and Qual?

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Competing trials

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We have all discussed the need for smaller FTs and the the need to attract more people, not dogs.
Should the AKC allow clubs a 3rd trial per year that is a 2 day event with 2 stakes O/H Amat and O/H Qual?
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Robert S. Libberton said:
My last pitch for O/H events:

It does not currently affect the existing circuit, each club offering 2 trials with an open, am, qual, derby. could be eligable for a 3rd O/H trial. If that club did not want to do that format it should be up to them to have their 3rd trial in any format they want I am saying the third trial should have the option of being an all O/H event.

The third event should really be an effort to limit entries and I feel the best way to do this is require owners to run their own dogs, does it hurt the pro's, not in my opinion, they can run the gogs they own. Does it hurt the AM's nope, I deem it as a win/win. It would be a great way to get more people in the sport as entries would be lower, the quality would still be the same in each level just LOWER numbers.

If in doubt of this look at Cape Fear's numbers this winter, their Special is 70 dogs, Am is 65 and Derby is 17 for a total of 152 dogs entered. If they ran a qual I am sure it would be around 30 and their numbers would be 182. This for a club trying to reduce entries.

IF it was all O/H is would be 49 in the Special, 65 in AM, and 13 in the derby for a total of 127 add a qual of 20 dogs and you would have 147. This would great numbers for a trial. and a nice payback for the clubs putting on 2 trials, its kind of like a reward for the club member/ regional handlers.
OK, what kind of points are earned, AFC or FC? Can FC points earned
absent pro competition really fairly be given? IMO no.
O/H Am points would be fine.

Just 2c

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