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Confusion over WC vs JH

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Hi guys, I've been involved with Labradors for yrs, but have only trained to "meat dog level" although some of my dogs are Pro Retrievers for outfitters. I have a 1 yr old Choc girl out of my own breeding (Grand Sire GRHRCH UH GMH NMH Gracefields Kramer of Cavanhill, Great Grand Sire NAFC FC AFC Quick Wind Storm, Great Great Grand Sire NFC AFC Storms Rip Tide Star) that I'd like run in HT. I can enter a WC stake in the first of may and theres a JH stake in late May, just wondered if I should enter the WC to give her more experience with the Scene before the JH. ( I do have an experienced FT training partner but I dont want to ask him ALL the stupid newbie questions.)
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In Canada both are CKC sanctioned events (in the US the WCs are breed club based). The WC is easier than the JH, and only requires one pass to earn, so it would be a good place to start. You must do the levels of WC in order as well--you cannot just jump right to WCX--a WC is a prerequisite to enter WCI and so on. A really common sequence that Canadians follow is:
1. WC( straightforward singles, 2 land, 2 water dog does not need to be steady),
2. JH (3 passes needed for CKC title, 2 land single, 2 water singles, dog does not need to be steady),
3. WCI (simple doubles land and water, and steady),
4. WCX (walkup land double, honour on walkup, land blind, water double and water blind),
5. SH (land double, land blind, quartering test, water double, water blind, and an honour),
6. MH (land multiple, land blind, quarter to flush, water multiple, and water blind, and honour)

If you are not already a CKC member consider becoming one--you can get access to the rulebooks through the members only section of the CKC site (otherwise you have to pay for a hard copy), and need to either be a member or pay a title recording fee foor your dog if you want to get the title certificate. As a judge, I will say this--get a rulebook, and read it and re-read it. You need to understand the rules before you run your dog. I would also advise you to go and watch a test before you run one. This will give you a better idea of what to expect. Not sure where you are located to give you advice about other tests that may be coming up...
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You are lucky in that our area is pretty busy in terms of the availability of tests. After MillCreek has its in May, there is Horseshoe the first weekend of June. There will be two shots at JH there. (I will be running my wild brat in those!) Mountain Valley has a series of Thursday evening WC tests, and then a hunt test on Father's Day weekend--they are having one JH this year. Then the tests tend to shift to Eastern Ontario for July, and there will more tests west of Toronto in August/Sept.

Here is a good place to go to get the premium lists
And another
From what I understand, the WC has never been an "AKC" thing. It's a breed club certificate. AKC does not recognize it as a title. Most of the WCs I've seen are much easier than a JH in that the distances tend to be much shorter, the cover is short and no delivery to hand is required. All this may be different in Canada though!
You are correct. In Canada they are both part of the CKC testing program, and the same standards and tests are required for all eligible breeds. Our WCs are open to all of the Retrievers, Standard and Miniature poodles, Irish Water Spaniels, Barbets, and Airedales.
CKC hunt tests are open to all the retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels and Standard Poodles. You must pass the individual tests to earn the titles; there is no cross-titling recognition.
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