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Confusion over WC vs JH

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Hi guys, I've been involved with Labradors for yrs, but have only trained to "meat dog level" although some of my dogs are Pro Retrievers for outfitters. I have a 1 yr old Choc girl out of my own breeding (Grand Sire GRHRCH UH GMH NMH Gracefields Kramer of Cavanhill, Great Grand Sire NAFC FC AFC Quick Wind Storm, Great Great Grand Sire NFC AFC Storms Rip Tide Star) that I'd like run in HT. I can enter a WC stake in the first of may and theres a JH stake in late May, just wondered if I should enter the WC to give her more experience with the Scene before the JH. ( I do have an experienced FT training partner but I dont want to ask him ALL the stupid newbie questions.)
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AKC used to give you the WC certificate if you have a JH or above if you requested if (and paid for it I am sure), do they still do this? If so, go for the JH title and get the WC as a bonus.
From what I understand, the WC has never been an "AKC" thing. It's a breed club certificate. AKC does not recognize it as a title. Most of the WCs I've seen are much easier than a JH in that the distances tend to be much shorter, the cover is short and no delivery to hand is required. All this may be different in Canada though!
That's not quite true any longer. Under certain circumstances, the AKC will recognize a breed club's field program. The AKC now will include a WC, WCI or a WCX on a Toller's subsequent title certificates and I think on the pedigree and registration certificate (for the sire and dam). The Toller was the first breed so recognized but there are now some others.

I'd like to know the details. A WC is not an AKC title, or at least hasn't been... Now that said, AKC has been mighty interested in recognizing certain other certs (like therapy certs, etc) and as long as they get their "dinero" to list them, they have accepted some, so you may be correct. ;)

If that's the case, I wonder if the AKC will support the LRC's wishes that before any AKC CH is listed as such by our club members, it must have at least a WC??? Ohhhh, sorry, that's probably asking far too much though. :(
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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