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Congratulations to Dave Kress!

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Dave and FC/AFC Fancy won the Amateur at Black Warrior this weekend!

What may be even sweeter is taking a 3rd with Avery, which completed his AFC title!
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Dave, BIG Congrats. Hope to see ya'll in Montana

Congrats to Dave and Marty. Two great people!
Congrats Dave and Marty 👍🐾🐾
Congratulations Dave and Marty!
Good boy Avery…..
Your too much !
just a couple of dirt cold kicking amateurs scratching along. Way to many good folks have pushed us along And we re far from arrived however Fancy has had a good run with 4 wins in the past 5 months. Everyone should wish for and have access to an Amateur group like we get to train with. Good grounds and better people to help us along.
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Great work, congrats.
Dr Ed writes above “ Good Boy Avery”
The back story !
So some 8 years ago Dr Ed was judging an all stake at the Cattle Ranch. It was terrible weather being cold and wet. Anyway Dr Ed knew I had looked at Avery whom was for sale by Miss Judy . My dogs failed his 1st series test and As I was leaving the line Dr Ed dryly said Avery was still for sale. I called Miss Judy that evening and bought the dog. Avery just turned 10 and has always been home with us.
we are likely his biggest drawback. He is a pleasure to have and perhaps we belong to him.
thank you Dr Ed !
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Congratulations Dave!!! Hard work pays off!
Congratulations. Always a good day to discover that a Black Warrior team has done well!
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