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Open (Mimi Kearney and Kendall Gaskins)
1. FC-AFC Hawkeye's Shadow - Blount/Alan Pleasant
2. FC-AFC Comstock's Bodacious - Marshall/Pleasant
3. South-Paw Mr. Blue Stomper - Peter/Al Arthur
4. Miss Bee Havin, MH - Faulkner
RJ FC "Harley's Super Triven Mac - Stainback/Pleasant
Rebel Bolder Dash - Yelton/Pleasant
FC Sea-J-Pleasant River Blue - Marshall/Pleasant
FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water - Joyner/Arthur
Peakebrook's Visions of Blue - Donehy,Dean/ Arthur
Candlewood's Something Royal - Blount/Pleasant
Pawscienda's Lucky Gold Stryke - Stoneman

Amateur (Katherine Simonds and Eric Altom)
1. Shooter's Sugar Cookie - Nick Elam
2. Shooter's Christmas Holly - Nick Elam
3. FC Pleasant River's Kate - John Marshall
4. FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water - Clint Joyner
RJ FC-AFC Good Ideas Whoa Nellie - Ken Neil
AFC Tapper Jack - George Francis
FC CFC CAFC Charge to the Max - Lasal Banty
FC CFC Day's End Northern Express - Jane Sutter
FC-AFC Lar's Wing n' a Prayer - Bob Larsen
Ebonstar Gotta Zoom - Burke Earley

Qual (Warner Foster and Jon Ahlstrand)
1. JD's Ponny Express - Briggs/ Balesdent
2. Shadow's Blue Chip - Adam/ Ward
3. Devious Doc's Lefty Koufax - Swann/ Balesdent
4. Mioak's Mississippi Mud - Walsh/Ward
RJ BB's Smokin Gun - Atterbury/ Balesdent
Snappy Topuch Tone - Strond/ Ward

Derby (Clint Joyner and Erin Faaborg)
1. Waxlakes Let Em Land - Forrest Faulkner
2. RSK's Working For a Living - Russo/Ledford
3. Adam's Acres Water Lilly - Adams/ Koonce
4. Peakebrook's Carbon Steel - Donahey,Dean/ Hugh Arthur
RJ Buffalo Creek's Babelicious - Haines/Ward
Montgomery's Nip and Tuck - McCreesh/Pleasant
Boulder Springs CEO - Griffith/ Stoneman
CK's Pulp Fiction Ketchup - Swingle/Pleasant
Grasshoppers Hammerin' Jack - Russo/Ledford
Seasides Scamp - Jones/Arthur

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You folks did a great job. Thanks for your effort!
Take Care,
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