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For all you guys and gals looking for a tune up prior to the North
Texas Trial, check out the NFRA open and derby stakes at the
Dallas Field Test on Oct 2nd and 3rd

For those that have not tried the NFRA, come see what it is about.
Junior stake - 3 single land marks, 3 single water marks
Senior stake - land double mark, water double mark, land blind, water blind, upland quarter/sit to flush and trailing test
Master stake - triple land mark, triple water mark, water blind, land blind
derby stake - age limit 36 months, 2 land marking test, 2 water marking test at least one land and one water will be a double
open stake - triple or quad land series and triple or quad water series, land blind and water blind.

With the smaller entries your sure to get further in the callbacks getting
you more field time and work.

complete list of nfra rules available at
entries available on the entry express website
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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