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Dang Skunks!

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My 11 month old decided to chase one of those cute black and white “kitty’s” at 11:00 last night! He got it right in the mouth!:-x Poor guy was foaming and hacking for quite a while. Lucky for me the older dog stayed away from it.

I guess that’s the price you pay for living in the country. But why do things like this always happen in the middle of the night during the work week? It is going to be a long day…
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I feel for you. Our dog went out to piddle at 4:30 am last year and met a skunk - chased it under our shed and got sprayed! Thank goodness for computers - I Googled the Anti-Skunk Recipe and had everything, but who wants to wash the dog at 5 AM?
We had a local varmint agency come out and put out a trap. They caught two racoons, one possum and no skunk! The new chain link fence does keep them out better than the old wooden one!
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