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Del Bay Retriever Club based at Rebel Ridge Farms (Elkton, MD)
has a number of events scheduled for July, 2005.

July 10th: DBRC Workshops (described below)

July 16th: DBRC hosts AKC Hunt Test Judges' Seminar

July 23rd-24th: DBRC hosts AKC Field Trial Judges' Seminar

See Del Bay's Web Site for additional information on the Hunt
Test and Field Trial Seminars (
and discussed elsewhere on RTF.

Workshops: Mark Your Calendar. Del Bay Retriever Club is holding a
workshop and training day 10 July 2005 beginning at 9:00 at Rebel
Ridge Farms. Open to all retriever enthusiasts - Del Bay and non-Del
Bay members. Appreciation is expressed to Lyn Yelton for hosting
this event and graciously allowing the use of Rebel Ridge Farms.

Select One

Workshop 1. Equipment and Field Skills
(Joe Quinn and Tom Smith)

Workshop 2. Problem Clinic and Field Set-ups
(Frantz Herr, Nelson Sills & Craig Stonesifer)

A training day, as time permits, will follow the workshops.


Schedule: 9:00 - 12:00 (Workshops 1 & 2)
1:00 - 5:00 (Training Day)

Cost: $50.00 covers workshops, lunch, training day.

For more information, contact Ken Eckhardt (pm at this website or
[email protected]. Persons on Del Bay's e-mail list will receive
additional information later in the month.)

Thanks for your patience in reading this. (And thanks to all those
who responded to the U.S. Corps of Engineers questionnaire regarding
C&D Canal use and retriever training.)


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Add this to Del Bay's Calendar

For those who are in the area ... on 9 July Del Bay has its
annual clean-up at the C&D Canal. Steve Zilli is heading the
effort and the state (through Rob Hossler) will provide a
front-end loader and dump truck. Need as many trainers as
can show-up. Two years ago we picked up 4 tons of trash
including a discarded boat. When groomed, the Canal provides
the finest free public grounds on the East Coast. Everyone is
welcome ... makes the work easier and faster. As always, Del
Bay will provide beverages and trash bags.


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July 10 - Workshop

Workshop registrations are beginning to arrive. If you want to
ensure an opening, please submit soon. If you need additional
information send private e-mail.

Registrations should be sent to :

Kenn Eckhardt
22 Carriage Lane
Newark, DE 19711

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Hi All,

Hope every one has had a pleasant spring training, trialing and testing.

It is that time of year again. On July 9 the Del Bay Retriever Club and the
State of Delaware will host a clean up day for the retriever and sporting
dog training areas.

This day will be conducted as we have in the past. We offically start at 8
AM up at Mitchell Pond. We usually stay till early afternoon. Any time you
can put in will be appreciated, wether you choose to stay for the entire day
or just an hour. This is the day to demonstrate our commitment to the area.
It is especially important to have a good turn out this year, due to the
state park study. Please pass this message to anyone not on this list.

We have jobs for members of all sizes and strengths.

-Walking the roads picking up small trash

-Working with the state dump truck and front loader picking up large trash

-Trimming grass and weeds around the ponds and the mounds up top.

-Any other reasonable maintainance (if you have a good idea to work on, lets

The club takes care of the major grass cutting with the profits from the
club trials, so we do not need large tractors and mowers.

This is a volinteer day so I leave the choice of jobs up to the atendees. We
work very informally. Come with a job in mind and get started, or show up
and join in where needed.

Del Bay will provide 5 gal buckets, trash bags and cold drinks. All other
equipment will need to be provided by individuals based upon the job you

Examples of usefull equipment are:

-Hearing protection
-Safety glasses /Goggles
-Weed wackers
-small mowers
-Chain saws (check with me before cutting any trees)
-Other implements of destruction needed to do the job you have in mind.

I look forward to another great turn out.


Steve Zilli
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