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Q Results

1st #14 Milly Welsh with Bunny
2nd #16 Sue Kuch with Lucy
3rd #27 Kay Sweezy with Tux
4th #2 Milly Welsh with Abbie
RJ #39 Milly Welsh with Tripp


#22 Patti Jordan with Bose
#42 Craig Smith with Emma
#44 Patti Roberts with Demon
#46 Pete Eromenok with Ice
#50 Mike Post with Rocky

Congratulation to All

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1st Banner - H:D. Mosher
2nd Surge - H: E. Forry
3rd Bush - H: R. Barnes
4th Chili - H: R. Bohn
RJ Knight - O: C. Niesen / H: K. Hoffman

1st Dougan - H: Pat Martin
2nd Pippin - H: Dave Opseth
3rd Poivre - H: Patti Roberts
4th Sweet - H: N. Cropper
JAMS: I didn't get all of them... Torque - O: Marshall & Mark Stockseth / H: Kristen Hoffman, Me Too - Terry Thomas, ? - Dave Mosher

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Milly's dogs had a great weekend at Del Bay. Along with winning the Q, getting a 4th and a RJ, FC/AFC Pleasant River Blue Wing CD/ MH "Blue" took a 2nd in the Am. I'm not sure if Milly or Charlie was the handler.

Also, Katie didn't mention that she qualified one of Milly's dogs, Magie, in the Master at PVGRC this weekend! Congrats, Katie!


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Hi There! Just sat down after a GREAT weekend!
Bunny Took First in the Q..
Lucy with Sue got Second!!!! Way To Go
Milly and Abbie got 4th
Milly & Tripp got Res Jam
Charlie and Blue got second in the Amt
Magie and I qualified at PVGRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Milly & Charlie and Sue K for a GREAT weekend at Del-Bay!
Vicky thanks for your post!!!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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