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Would someone please post what the last number to run in the Open was today?

FC-AFC Puff Daddy is #78. Wondering if he and Frantz will get to run today.


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The only results are have are the following.....

1st John Marshall with Countryside Tecate
2nd and 3rd went to Ed Forry...sorry dont know what dogs
4th Lynn Yelton with Magic

1st Craig Stonesifer sorry dont know which dog
2nd Bob Larson with Wing and Prayer
3rd Newt Cropper sorry again dont know what dog
4th Craig Stonesifer sorry dont know which dog

All I know in the Qual is that Newt Cropper got 1st with the same dog in the Qual and in the Derby. Alan Pleasant got 2nd in the Derby with Fizz. Sorry thats all the help I can be.
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1st FC AFC CFC Countryside Tecate John Marshall
2nd FC AFC Sally's Power Drive Ed Forry
3rd Candlewood's Power Surge Ed Forry
4th Rebel Ridge Maxximum Mojo Lyn Yelton
RJAM Pawcienda's Lucky Gold Stryke Jeff Stoneman
7 JAMs Given

1st Greenwing Bright Eyes Craig Stonesifer* Qualified for Nat'l
2nd FC AFC Lars Wing N' A Prayer Bob Larsen
3rd AFC Prairie Wind Hawkeye Newt Cropper
4th Greenwing Feather Dancer Craig Stonesifer
RJAM FC AFC Puff Daddy Frantz Herr
7 JAMs Given, two of which went to Milly Welch: Duckband's Magie Of Breeze Hill & FC AFC Firetail's Three Bars. Congrats Milly! :D

1st Cropper's Hit & Run Newt Cropper
2nd Grasse's Carolina Sweet Temptation Ed Forry
3rd #51 - Sorry, Name & Handler not printed in catalog.
4th Black Rivers Bad Medicine Alan Pleasant
RJAM Jazztime's Casey of Fallston MH Cal Rumbley
3 JAMs Given.

1st Cropper's Hit & Run Newt Cropper
2nd Delpond's Pink Champagne Alan Pleasant
3rd HL Technically He's Royal Missy Lemoi
4th Cody Cut A Lean Grade Chad Baker
RJAM Devil's Fire Storm Cal Rumbley
No JAMs Given.
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