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Derby Mark

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Last series of a derby. 5mph wind out of North. Dogs start on a hilll top.
Pick up the shorter mark. Longer mark was tough.
A monster throw to place a duck across a big channel well away from the shoreline.
Most dogs had long hunts likely due to they would hit dragback scent and think it was an island mark,
the smell the bag of ducks and see the gunner and hunt both sides of the gunner, then back to the island,
swim into the wind up the channel, back to the gunner, etc.

Dog A is like most previous dogs, hunts the mark with persistence, thinking island mark, dealing with dragback, hunting both sides of the gun, hunting within a 60 yard area and takes ~5 minutes to discover the bird.

Dog B initial line is pushed by the handler to the south, swims across the shortest swim, beaches, and immediately winds the bird.

As a judge, which dog marked better?
I do not judge, but would like to hear judge's perspective. Thanks.
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Hard to say without being there or at least drawings of what the dogs did but 5 minutes would be a very long hunt.
With the cross wind and angle of the shorelines I would expect some dogs to fade to the left and wind the long mark.
Which dog did the best job of "challenging the line to the mark"? :unsure:
I've heard that's how to judge them.
Dog A hunts within 10 yards of the bird a couple times, but a 5-minute hunt due to dragback scent on island,scent from bird bag as swimming towards the mark, etc.
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Dog B faster retrieve, but took shortest swim possible, 60-70 yards downwnd of mark when beaches on opposite shoreline
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We had this exact conversation recently.
Without question dog B is better than dog A in this test.
Briefly breaking down in drag back scent is understandable but hunting over a large area for 5 minutes means the dog did not mark the bird.
Dog B cheated some water but went directly to the mark without a hunt. If the dog winded the bird, that is my fault as a judge.
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did dog A wind it? which dog knew where bird was? I cannot say, If shore was tappered, do think from water dog see gunner from island to shore side of fall? I not trying to be a smartass etc.. Its really hard to tell with overhead view. I say B would precieved do better than A on that one mark after revised drawing. I have no bias , no idea of event handlers or judges. But if one would present scenario, they may have been at event or ran. If so why would one not quitely, avoid that scene in future. I would not have let my dog hunt that long, I have made that mistake in AA in last series last bird, clean going into it. A couple times. Quick gets handle 3rd etc go home jam rjam. Tough sport , tough on: dogs, wallets, handlers, handlers family etc.. But there some great times , people, places youll' see along the way. I would do it over, if presented lifes rerrun. Would not change a thing except a: couple quick handles, stayed home couple times.
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