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Diatomaceous earth-have any used this for

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I was asked by a neighbor about the use of feed grade diatomaceous earth to kill fleas on her small dog. I have no experience with this product and would like information from those of you that may have. Any comments from Vets? Bill
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You can put it on dogs food for worms. It's not harmful but wouldn't want the dog to inhale it if at all possinle
Good point. People shouldn't inhale it either. I didn't think it worked that well but I used other stuff when the DE did not work fast enough to suit me. I bought the mud looking stuff with the nematodes next ( I think ). Then much later we salted the dog pens, watered them down good, kept the dogs elsewhere till water and disolved salt were well absorbed ( dry ). Grass was dead for about three weeks ( looked horrible ). Grass came back after that and looked great. No more fleas !
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