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Morning folks!

I volunteered to be a co-ordinator for this weeks club training day!
The person I am going to co-oordinate with is in agreement that we would like to take a different approach to this function!

Most of the time our clubs training days are basically mini "Fun Hunts".
We divide the attendees into groups that are designated by the level the dog is at, then just go set up that levels type marks and blinds if applicable.

What I have seen happen in the past is just a big B.S. session with the same people stuck out at a winger station, and alot of debating as to the way the marks are set up or what they are actually developing in the dog.
Not much TRUE Training gets done, and it seems there are quite a few bored handlers jusr standing round waitin their turn!

What I am proprosing to do at this training day is to have a day that is more interactive for both the dogs and the handelers. We are planning on setting up Single marks of MULTIPLE guns. We are not planning on seperating the groups, but rather moving the line as to what level the dog is at.

The placement of the line will make the marks as such for a Started dog to be about 60 yrs in lenght and good seperation between them. The Line would then move for Seasoned dogs so the marks would be longer in distance , and become a hip pocket mark because of the angle the line is at now. The line would then again move for the Finished dogs, making them longer in lenght yet, and basically becoming "in line" converging marks. No Handeling allowed, but rater help from the Gunners if dogs need it.

The afternoon would consisit of ABC drills for the Experienced dogs, and work the Started dogs in by moving the dog close ,and just throw the marks that would give good seperation,and give the dog a good chance of success.

We also have planned to have a selection of land blinds set up, much on the order of a Chinese drill , that people could move off and run at a different location!

I thought by keeping the groups together it would give the give each level an Idea as to what different concepts were trying to be drilled, also will keep EVERYONE active in the process, and hopefully move the day along at a good pace.

What say you that are experianced ??? Any other suggestions or criticisums would be appreciated.


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Our club has a once a month 'picnic' trial during the cold months. Each month, one person is in charge of finding judges, organizing food etc. We split into 2 groups so as to lessen the line up time. ...master/senior and junior/ well as set out separately some pattern blinds and some cold blinds of varying difficulties. Not throwing or helping in some way is not an option. There is no argument as to what the test is since it is done when you arrive, but you can run it however is appropriate for your dog's skill level and the young dogs are welcome to run the big dog marks as singles or a single double or whatever. We try to use FT, HT and HRC judges for variety and exposure to different diciplines. Because we do a quarter and flush in Canada in Senior and Master, that is usually incorporated somewhere, as well as remote sends, walk ups etc.

It seems a good system and gets some new people thinking about judging (or not).
The picnics are open to all. We have hooked many a new fish with them.
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