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Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging or not

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Do you Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging

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All right folks. Let see the opinions of those here in regard to the fellow from the PNW idea that judges should have 1 placement for each judging assignment at each stake level.
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Do I believe that judging and places should be allocated on a 1:1 basis? No

However, if I were inclined to engage in some sort of data analysis, placements (and Jams) in All Age Stakes is something I might consider - together with a variety of other factors - in determining whether I wanted to run under a specific individual or recruit that individual to judge for my club.

An observant person who completes a number of stakes is exposed to a wide variety of tests and if diligent, develops a sense of what works (from both a judging and a mechanical perspective) and what does not.

However, in deciding who to run under and who not to run under, I rely primarily on two things:

1) If I have run under them in the past .... my own experience
2) If I have not run under them in the past .... the experience of either pros I know like Eckett, Farmer, or Rorem ... or old time Field Trialers like John Goettl

I don't think I would take the analysis much further in the real world
K G said:
Ted, what's your "tipping point" for who to run/to not run under if your experience or intel provides you with no feedback?

Among the things that would factor in my decision are:

1) Do I know the judges personally, that is, what are they like as competitors
2) How close is the trial to home
3) How good are the grounds
4) How does the trial fit into my overall schedule (when the season is in full swing, I like to run 2 on, 1 off)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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