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Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging or not

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Do you Agree with M Sundstrom's 1:1 ratio for judging

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All right folks. Let see the opinions of those here in regard to the fellow from the PNW idea that judges should have 1 placement for each judging assignment at each stake level.
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Ted, what's your "tipping point" for who to run/to not run under if your experience or intel provides you with no feedback?

Just curious.

How many judges would this take OUT of the judges pool and what affect would it have on the FT game? I'd like to see the stats on that.
It would take out far too many that are good judges, and would leave a few alone that probably should just concentrate on running dogs......IMHO, of course.

Does anyone know where, in what archives, the historical data that he posted on that site is located?
I made a phone call to my "former employer" yesterday and asked that very question. I can tell you where it's not coming from..... :wink: I also found some more errors in the judge's points. Sorta makes you wonder what sort of errors could be found in the all-age handling "points" as well, especially if all the data is being collected by hand. :shock:

I think I'm gonna take the tack that was suggested elsewhere. Unless we can reasonably expect to see correct information information on all categories for handling and judging (and even then, it would be best suited for the retriever version of "Trivial Pursuit"), it's just a visible representation of the sourest of grapes. Besides, the more we "hit" the site, the more the proprietor is going to think he has support.

Le caveat emptor regards,

he IS as ridiculous as his proposals and his inaccuracies are just a reflection of his viewpoint.
This, coming from a woman who is a credible judge, competitor, and supporter of the sport, is all I need to know.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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